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911 – THE OMEN: Foretells the Global Economic & Financial Future

September 22, 2009

     A once in a millennium kairotic moment occurred on 9/11 of 2001 that still promises to usher in the most profound and fundamental societal transformation of our times.  This earth-shattering event, which truly represents one the primary apocalyptic prophecies of the modern era, remains pregnant with the potential to catalyze unprecedented change in every sphere of life in the USA and beyond.  However, in order to take full advantage of this extremely unique opportunity for political, economic and social revolution, something must first give way.    That somethingis nothing other that the misplaced trust that American citizens have customarily put in their government, their media, their corporations, their academic institutions, their financial institutions, etc.

      911 has proven to be the most extraordinary, yet unacknowledged omen, of the post modern era.  On many levels it is fraught with meaning so profound, and significance so awesome, that most serious thinkers and commentators dare not touch it for fear of being cut by its double-edged blade.  Nevertheless, it remains an omen of amazing proportions waiting to manifest in all of its multifarious and astonishing forms. 

    For those who planned, coordinated, executed and covered up 911, it has surely proven to be a success well beyond their expectations.  However, as we move further away from the “shock and awe” of that terrible day’s events, it has become ever so clear that it was actually nothing like that which has been consistently presented in the mainstream media, by the government, as well as by all the other controllers of cultural information.  Nevertheless, the true messages and deeper meanings continue to seep out, and greatly impact and influence the consciousness of this nation, as well as the world community.

   Because of the ineluctable evolution of both enlightened awareness and critical thinking (thank you stock market crash of September, 2008) the other edge of the 911 sword has been painstakingly sharpened over these past few years.  You might now think of it as a boomerang, only in the shape of a double-edged sword, piercing through both space and time as it hurtles back toward those who authored these treasonous state sponsored terrorist attacks and epic crimes against humanity.  Truly an INSIDE JOB if ever there was one, for the controlled demolitions of 911 could only have been accomplished with so much dexterity and drama by those on the inside of virtually every US institution associated with the both Twin Towers and the Pentagon.

   To the great credit of the numerous 911 Truth Movement organizations, what was once considered conspiracy theory is now conventional wisdom, at least in the entire alternative news arena.  In fact the 911 Commission Report is now viewed by most as the most absurd and ridiculous, concocted and self-serving piece of fiction ever served up by the US Government.  Truly, it makes the JFK single bullet theory look like true and indisputable divine revelation.  Quite ironically, the official 911 Commission Report is now widely considered to be the most implausible, nonsensical and unsubstantiated conspiracy theory of all time.   

   Because of this developing state of awareness, especially among serious groups of academics, scientists, professionals, military officers, government officials, corporate officers, journalists, think tanks, etc. there is a growing feeling that the dam of truth surrounding this era-defining event is about to break.  After all, when such an historic crime against humanity is perpetrated in broad daylight, with fingerprints left hastily everywhere around the crime scene, the truth is very easily grasped by anyone with any common sense and ability to reason.  Intuition alone would compel one to see the obvious impossibility of the alleged facts (that’s all they remain without meaningful convictions) underlying the entire 911 event.

   The following document well summarizes what many people now firmly believe in their heart of hearts about the truth concerning 911.  As follows:


GOVERNMENT owes its existence to the people.  Its primary purpose is to protect and safeguard the citizenry of the nation.  It also exists to ensure the welfare of the populace, as well as to sustain an order in which all may flourish and pursue their goals.  This social contract is very much a two-way street in which the governed promise to carry out their civic duties while the government fulfills the myriad responsibilities of statehood.   


What are some of the basic obligations and functions, which all governments are held to and expected to perform, within this contract?  They include a good faith commitment to: (i) protect the life, well-being and livelihood of each and every citizen, (ii) maintain a clean, healthy and safe environment in which to live, work and play and (iii) guarantee access to products and services which are safe, life-affirming and health promoting.


It is now clear that this sacred trust has been flagrantly violated in the most profound and fundamental ways by the US Government.  Therefore, WE THE PEOPLE, hand down the following “citizen’s indictment” in these United States of America against the two previous and current US Administrations.  Since this is a multi-count indictment of tremendous breadth and depth, we have taken the liberty of outlining each count as succinctly as possible.  As each investigator employs their own unique process of “discovery”, all are encouraged to flesh out the skeleton of this indictment to their complete satisfaction.  Given the enormous amount of information and data now available in the: (i) public record, (ii) governmental and private sectors, (iii) academic arena and (iv) internet base world wide web, there is a great abundance of factual evidence presented by highly authoritative sources concerning the following allegations.  The only constraints in ferreting out all of the pertinent facts/details will be one’s own initiative and dedication to the truth.  WE THE PEOPLE, hereby submit, with both regret and resolve, the following bill of indictment for immediate prosecution.


Bill of Indictment:


  1. Based on too numerous to list eyewitness accounts, audiotape accounts, video accounts, as well as expert testimony concerning the events that occurred in both New York City and Washington, DC on September 11, 2001, it has become painfully obvious that numerous elements within several organs of the US Government (to include the executive, legislative and judicial branches), and coming from, at the very least, the intelligence agencies/secret service, federal, state &  local law enforcement agencies and military services, are directly responsible for planning, coordinating, executing and covering up the attacks on and selective destruction of the WTC complex, the Pentagon and Flight #93 in collaboration with foreign governments/entities. 
  2. Given the staggering proportions of this conspiracy, and especially the vast amount of evidence that was available to the naked eye and attentive ear throughout the execution of these innumerable flagrant criminal acts, it has become quite apparent that many international and national media/news organizations colluded with the highest levels of this treacherous cabal.  Likewise, the extensive commentary dispensed by the many think tanks, PACs, political parties, academic institutions, research organizations, various foundations, etc. in the aftermath of these orchestrated events has clearly revealed their varying degrees of culpability which can only be accurately assessed as the guilty step forward or whistleblowers file their reports.  Furthermore, it has become transparent from the extraordinary sophistication, technical requirements and timing intricacies of these crimes, that there are those titans among Corporate America who were, by necessity, involved directly, as well as those involved on a peripheral basis. 
  3. The explicit intentions and deliberate actions referred to herein constitute the basis for the most serious crimes of high treason, premeditated murder and carefully calculated acts of terrorism committed against US and foreign citizens working on US soil on 9/11/01.  It has been recognized that these heinous crimes were surreptitiously carried out in a highly compartmentalized operation, as well as on a strictly need-to-know basis, in which many of the perpetrators were completely unaware of their handlers, accomplices, financiers, logistical supporters, top decision-makers, etc.  In light of such a complex and convoluted scheme, conceived to give justification to an eventually declared “War On Terror”, it will be necessary to rely heavily on the volumes of circumstantial evidence which will certainly convict all involved, from the US President and Vice President down to those anonymous murderers who placed the many explosives in the WTC1, 2 & 7 for their controlled demolition.


   This document is just a small part of an evolving indictment that has been prepared by many, both wittingly and unwittingly, across the entire planet.  It will therefore serve as a launching pad for the legal proceedings that will inevitably take place in the not too distant future.  However, the stated purpose of this essay is the notion of 911 as OMEN as the following “headlines” presents.  What follows are some of the most significant messages that this momentous and fateful event conveyed to every living person on planet Earth exactly eight years ago.

   When the very heart and nerve center of the most powerful military-industrial complex in the world is penetrated by a Cruise missile from its own arsenal, one can begin to apprehend the sheer enormity and occult symbolism associated with 911.  As anomen, surely there are many significant and consequential implications of this tremendously bold and audacious act.  These represent just a few:


We can do whatever we want to do, and get away with it.”


Yours is a country that is not governed by its own government.


The most powerful military in the world, and de facto planetary policeman, must answer directly to the highest of earthly princes.


The New World Order agenda must, and will be, executed by any means necessary.


However, omens, as we shall soon see, usually resemble the very sharp and unpredictable double-edged sword of which we spoke.


              All Four Wheels Come Off The

               Anglo-American Juggernaut


 “A juggernaut is a term used to describe a force regarded as

   unstoppable, that will crush all in its path.”     – Wikipedia


   The current self destruction of Crony Cowboy Capitalismhas struck a death blow to the Anglo-American Corpocracy.  This in turn will result in the long awaited demise of UK-USImperialism and, ultimately, cause the downfall of the British-American Empire that so dominates the planet.  The consequent deterioration of Civil Society by way of the ongoing financial/economic, political/social and moral/religious bankruptcy will lead to the inevitable collapse and dissolution of Western Civilization as we know it.  About this eventuality, we have no doubt.  The question is: Are you ready for the unstoppable changes and inescapable new realities that will be left in its wake? 


     Never in the history of Western Civilization has there been so much at stake.  We are clearly at the end of an era marked by rampant materialism, mass consumerism, unchecked scientific advancement, war without end and the unbridled aggrandizement of the numerous “collectives”, aka stakeholders, that abound in modern society.  These collectives include, but are not limited to, economic unions and security alliances, nations and states, provinces and districts, cities and counties, corporations and partnerships, religious institutions and political parties, universities and nonprofit foundations, lobbying law firms and DC think tanks, and, of course, elite powerbrokers.  Lots and lots of elite powerbrokers and their wealthy and powerful families.  All of them wanted, and still do want, a stake, a big stake, in the rich yet finite domain known as Planet Earth.  This is the very root of the problem.  GREED!

   To tell the actual story is to repeat a tale of utterly insatiable greed that was continually fed by institutionalized thievery and perpetual war which has all but defined much of the history of western civilization.  Though it was told, and retold, using many different narratives, most never imbibed the moral of the story whose most recent and primary character was not a person, but an abstract illusion known as the “Almighty Dollar.   ThisAlmighty Dollar seemed to possess an invincible power, and so it became the object of great worship and deference by the vast majority of people on Earth, as well as by most of the aforementioned collectives.  This hapless majority chose to give up their power to this illusory King of Commerce by hitching their wagons to this Almighty Dollar’s wagon train.  Now that all the wagons in front have gone over the cliff, those faithfully following are guaranteed the same fateful destiny.  So this essay is not for them, it is for those who want to unhitch their wagon from this juggernaut and forge a new destiny.  A destiny that is about to enter completely uncharted territory as we begin the 2nd decade of this new millennium.  

   Money, or a nation’s currency of exchange, you know, does have inherent power that begs for right conduct.  This mandate particularly includes accountability for what and how and why and when our money is expended.  As a perennial taxpayer to federal, state, county and city governments, as a 410K/Keough/IRA account holder, as an owner of savings and checking accounts, or as an investor in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currencies, commodities or derivative contracts etc., it becomes clear that responsibly monitoring where our money goes can be quite a daunting task. Nevertheless, though it can often present an extremely slippery slope of ethical and moral decision-making, it must be performed on a regular and sound basis, as well as with maximum integrity.  Otherwise, this hard earned money, which you have accumulated over many years, can be misappropriated, and used for purposes that are quite contrary to your intentions and values, your ideals and principles, and your goals and vision for the greater community.

   This essay, therefore, is for you.  Not just for the few who sensed the imminent doom and saw the impending disaster coming, but for anyone wishing to genuinely follow a more enlightened and high-minded path.  This is the time, perhaps the final time at the closing of this era, to contemplate the integrity of one’s life and purpose.  And to especially weigh the value of all that life brings to us, so that we may wisely protect and utilize that which really has inherent power.

   When one allows his/her money to be ripped off in any way, they have in effect given up their power.  When a critical mass of individuals and/or parties routinely permit this behavior to occur over long periods of time, it will inevitably lead to a predicament not too unlike the current worldwide monetary meltdown.  The self destruction of the global money matrix is, after all, an escape mechanism that was built into the very system as a wake up call to each and every one of us to take back our power, and especially our money and anything else of value that the system has wrongfully taken from us.


   The OMEN that 911 truly was, looks a little bit like THE LORD OF THE RINGS.

Remember the Twin Towers?  When they came down in NYC, it was a message to humankind that the reign of the Almighty Dollar was coming to an end.  As a nation’s currency goes, so goes its destiny.  Her financial strength and economic prowess were on the wane, and soon to be greatly diminished.  Just as the WTC (financial capital of the world) was pulverized into dust, the US Dollar would be swept into the ash heap of history.  Just as we see it collapsing all around us 8 years after the original 911 apocalyptic events.

   When the Ring of Power was finally destroyed, like the Pentagon (ring-shaped command center of the military-industrial complex) was mortally wounded and damaged, the message was equally clear.  Her military might and superior force would be reduced to rubble in the twinkling of an eye.  She would, likewise, soon see the demise of Her all-pervasive state-sponsored terrorism.  This, because She had lost all moral ascendancy.

   Furthermore, Her empire could no longer be sustained politically, financially, practically or ethically, as the seeds of its own destruction had fully sprouted.  The most fatal seed grew into that extremely corrupt and predatory form of corporate, crony capitalism which was so socially unconscious, and so environmentally unaware, it was quite doomed from the very beginning.

   The ash heap that remains from the self destruction of “free market” capitalism will contain just the right stuff for the ongoing rebirth and regeneration of civil society.  However, inasmuch as the bipolar world of the past 100 years was defined by both capitalism and communism, it is very likely that the coming New World Order will emerge from the ashes of the latter as well.  Just as the PHOENIX of ancient lore was consumed by the flames of its self-created funeral pyre, so too shall humankind raise a more enlightened civilization from the ashes of both Anglo-American capitalism and Sino-Soviet communism. 

   Neither the death of the old “system”, nor the birth pangs of “A New Earth” will be quick and easy.  Nevertheless, we hold withinUS and around the globe, the collective wisdom, and will, to get the job done right this time around the spiral.  So that social and economic justice may prevail, environmental and ecological awareness may predominate, and all nations – the peoples of the world – may enjoy a lasting peace and prosperity.

    The GOOD NEWS is that these nations will now be compelled to beat their “swords into plowshares” and their “spears into pruning hooks”.

   Just as the Phoenix rose from its ashes, so too will America ascend to even greater heights.  As long as She ascends with the guidance of the highest of ideals, loftiest of principles and noblest of intentions.  And She reforms, and transforms Herself, in good faith, in earnest and with haste. 

   As a modern day prophet said in the days immediately following September 11, 2001:

“America, Wake up ! ! !  Seize this God-given opportunity.  There is no more time to dally in fear and ignorance and greed.  For yours is a destiny that must serve as a beacon of Light and Hope and Peace to the world.  Make haste, the time is drawing nigh!”

T. Anthony Michael     9/11/09